Friday, February 6, 2015

b3 Brazilian Bond Builder Stylist Testimonial

Just heard by Valerie S. of Montrose, CA:

"Olaplex who? I recently used the Brazilian Bond Builder on a client with previously bleached hair. I'm talking bleached out to the max! Hair you don't even want to be overlapping, let alone doing a all over bleach application. The kind of client who wants to be "platinum" but has hair color and super dry blonde already. I warned my client that I wasn't sure what the condition of her hair would be in when I was done, but she was willing to take her chances and I am such a strong believer in The Brazilian Blowout Brand, we went for it. I was literally Blown Away with the results. ZERO breakage! As a matter of fact her hair was in better condition then it was before I started the process. ❤️ Brazilian Blowout, you have done it again! Hands down the best company I have ever used. Thank you for helping me achieve amazing results time and time again!

And I just used it on my own hair's amazing.  I'm OBSESSED!" 

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  2. IT REALLY WIRKS I use it on my hair and a have the Keratin relaxer in it and my daughter constantly colors her hair. It keeps your hair health and growing!!!