Monday, February 2, 2015

Get Creative Freedom with ALL color services in one-step with no added processing time!

STYLISTS:  Are you looking to enjoy more creative freedom with ALL of your color services without having to change your booking schedule and no added processing time?  Well now you can!  

With the launch of b3 Brazilian Bond Builder in the marketplace for only one week, stylists are already raving about the benefits this one-step, color-without-damage professional tool provides. 

So, how does it work?
By simply mixing it right into any color formulation, it helps to re-attach and build bonds that are damaged during ANY color process.  That’s right - with your bleach, with your single process color, with ANY color process. 

Utilizing a scientifically advanced one-step system, b3 Brazilian Bond Builder reinforces the bonds that make up the cellular membrane complex, helping to prevent the loss of the cuticle and cortex cells responsible for supporting the structure of the hair. This breakthrough technology helps to dramatically reduce breakage and prevent damage during all color services, improving the overall structural integrity of the hair as it helps to prolong color retention and vibrancy. 

What about the results?
They speak for themselves.  Clients walk out your door with healthier hair than BEFORE they walked in. 

But don’t take our word for it: here’s a few testimonials from stylists who’ve used it and are now believers:

“I used b3 on my client’s hair with 40 volume to do balayage on her previously platinum hair.  I couldn’t believe there was absolutely ZERO damage. Her hair felt so good that I didn’t need to do the deep conditioning treatment that I normally would have to do afterwards.”
-       B.R., Lake Forest, CA

“A  first time client came in with fuzzy hair from the highlights that her last stylist gave her.  I touched up her roots and added in more highlights.  I used B3 on only half her head, and I could not believe the difference.  She even told me that noone has ever done such great color on her before.  It was shiny, soft, and the fuzzy parts were now so smooth.  She is my client now!”
-       C.T., Huntington Beach, CA

"My client's hair was a level 6 beforehand and I used B3 to balayage and ombre color with level 40 vol. bleach.  The hair honestly felt a lot better after than it did before and the color came out beautiful and didn't take longer to process at all. Honestly I like it better so far than another similar product I’ve used. B3 made the hair softer and was way more time effective.”
-  K.B., Tustin, CA

“I put fresh highlights on a client that had been coloring her hair at home. Once I reached a nice level 9 I rinsed and applied a level 6 copper red over the fresh highlighted hair.  The client loved it but called 3 days later asking for me to tone the red down. I put B3 into the lightener that I applied over the copper red highlights. I was worried about bleach on bleach but with B3 I was totally safe. No breakage.  No rough hair.  And no unevenness in the lifting. The hair looked and felt amazing afterwards and the fragrance is a great touch.”

~R.J., Costa Mesa, CA

Interested in learning when b3 Brazilian Bond Builder will be available in your area?  Visit or call the customer service team at 1-844-366-4333. 

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