Thursday, December 10, 2015

Teach Your Clients About the Benefits of b3 Brazilian Bond Builder

Colorists, we know you’re busy and don’t always have time go into full detail about  the each product you use on your clients and why.  So we’ve outlined 4 easy talking points about b3 to make it easy for you to share the many benefits of b3 Brazilian Bond Builder with your clients.  Simply tell them…

You will have stronger, healthier hair.
The technology that makes b3 such a game changer helps to reattach and build the bonds of the hair that are responsible for supporting the inner hair structure, therefore, reducing breakage and preventing damage during and after color services.  From bleaches to single process color, b3 let’s your client walk out of the salon with hair that’s in better, healthier condition than when they walked in.

You will be able to extend the life of your color.
When b3 is used in your clients color process, the result is more vibrant, shiny hair color that exceeds the average time in between color by up to 4 additional washes. 

You can protect your hair in between color appointments.
Brazilian Bond Builder is the only bond builder on the market that offers a full at-home color care product line to protect and preserve color, and prevent damage between appointments.  Clients can preserve their color when they cleanse with b3 Color Care Shampoo, protect their hair from damage when they condition with b3 Color Care Conditioner, and prevent future damage when they use the b3 Instant Restore & Protect Reconstructor.  Learn more about this fearsome threesome of products you NEED in your hair arsenal.

You will enjoy products free from…
From the professional product used in the color process, to the at home color care line, all b3 products are free from silicones, parabens, and glutens.

For every client and every color service, b3 Brazilian Bond Builder will allow you to break boundaries, not bonds, giving your clients the hair of their dreams.

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